Speaking and Consulting

Dr. Levant gives lectures for psychologists and other health care professionals on topics in the psychology of men and masculinities, such as Effective Psychotherapy for Men. [More information]

Dr. Levant also speaks to groups of parents, teachers and other lay audiences on boys' development, men's changing roles, and masculinity and offers consulting services related to these areas.

To inquire about his availability, please use the message form on this site.


Dr. Levant is a nationally renowned expert on the psychology of men. He recently was the guest expert for three weeks on the New York Times Blog for baby boomers “Ask the Expert” [links below]. He has been interviewed for New York Times articles on men who abuse power [see article], and low numbers of male therapists in the mental health care field [see article]. He was also interviewed on the blog talk radio show, “Secret Lives of Men”.

NY Times interview: Questions about middle aged men
NY Times interview - advice for couples about their sex lives, Part 1
NY Times interview - advice for couples about their sex lives, Part 2
Dr. Levant is available to respond to media inquiries. Please use the message form on this site for your requests.

Other selected coverage is outlined below:

January 13, 2019, The Washington Post and many other outlets interviewed Dr. Levant regarding the American Psychological Association’s recent release of Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. Available HERE.

March 16, 2015, Guernica Magazine spotlights professor Ron Levant and his work via a long-form Q&A interview. Available HERE.

October 21, 2014, ‘The Many Ways of Being a Man’ is the topic of an interview Lon Woodbury recently conducted with professor Ron Levant for The Woodbury Report. Available HERE.

July 22, 2014, Struggling Teens hosted by Lon Woodbury on “What Does It Mean to Be a Father”. Available HERE.

June 16, 2014, interviewed for several Father’s Day stories.

Canton Repository, available HERE.

Dec. 6, 2012, Today.com story on how expectant fathers feel about morning sickness. Text is available HERE.

 June 26, 2012, Pacific Standard Magazine story on men and their aversion to therapy. Text is available HERE.

 Oct. 26, 2011, Oprah.com story on how women can connect with the men in their lives. Text is available HERE.